Curling can be under appreciated by those who don’t understand it. However, for those of us who regularly participate in curling, it’s easy to list reasons why we love the sport. Here are some reasons why anyone can learn to love curling.

1. Curling can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Curling is a sport that can be enjoyed by men and women at any age. While it involves a certain level of physical fitness, one doesn’t have to be an extreme athlete to play. It’s even possible for someone in a wheelchair to participate in curling.

By Health Fitness Revolution –

April 17, 2015

Every four years, when the winter Olympics come around, the world is exposed to a sport that not many people see very often. Its uniqueness has drawn the curiosity of many and often sparks an interest in a desire to try the sport. And the health benefits are good for the whole body. Here are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Curling:

1 Aerobic fitness: Working out in the cold can burn more calories, and since curling is played on ice and players are constantly competing and running back and forth trying to hit a goal, it will definitely increase your heart rate and improve the cardiovascular system.

2 Strengthens your muscles: Sliding on the ice and being in a constant squatting position strengthens the calves, glutes and quadriceps. You can also get a good core workout by practicing curling and sweeping vigorously ahead of the stone.

3 Social interaction: In many communities, curling clubs are among only a few recreational resources available. It becomes a place where they can talk with others, build friendships, and take leadership roles, increasing both their confidence and resiliency when coping with challenges.