Hi Folks:
Our 2nd week of League Curling is now history! And, I am happy to report that – by all indications – our Humber Seniors season has started really well. During the first week, a lot of our games were only ending with 6 ends completed. However, in week 2, most games ended with 7 ends played with a few even getting 8 ends in the books. Well done! We can increase our efficiency even more by getting into the hack quickly at the start of each end and by having the skips move the rocks to the back while they are waiting for the end to finish. Remember, by playing 8 ends, more points are available! In addition, our members have been very responsible! There have been several incidences where a member has not been feeling well (sniffles, cold, etc.) and that individual has decided that it is best not to come to MG&CC just in case they infect others. Unselfish – you bet!!

Our second series will start on November 29th and end on February 11th. In the next few days, you will be receiving a questionnaire regarding our second series sign-up and it will also include some questions that will provide feedback to our Executive Team. You are required to complete the questionnaire by November 8th.

Practice Ice is available on sheet #6 on Monday and Wednesday mornings (9:30 – 11:30 a.m.). You do not have to sign up to use the practice ice, but you may have to share it with others who are also trying to hone their craft. You will still be required to use your QR code to sign in.

Our Christmas Luncheon will be on Tuesday, December 14th, at the Canadiana Restaurant (Six Points).
The cost per member is $25 (The cost of the meal is really $32, but HSCC is subsidizing $7 to encourage members to come to this event). Payment can be made by either cheque to “Humber Seniors Curling Club” or by cash (please put in envelope with your name on the front). Please give your payment to either Bruce Wither (Monday & Wednesday) or Duncan Macgregor (Friday).

Lastly, just some reminders about safety. The last thing we want is an accident. Although it would be nice to play 8 ends, please do not rush the process and throw safety aside. And, if you are not wearing head protection, we encourage all Humber Seniors to seriously consider it. We have already seen a fall that could have been very serious and a helmet saved a serious head injury. You only have one head and one brain so please use it! On the COVID front, our protocols are still in place. Please continue to social distance on the ice and have only one sweeper.

Halloween was confusing. All my life my parents said, “Never take candy from strangers.” and then they dressed me up and said, “Go beg for it!” RITA RUDNER.


Hi Folks:
This is the first of weekly messages designed to communicate all sorts of details regarding Humber Senior’s Curling and to keep the need for announcements before going out on the ice to a minimum!

This morning, my wife, Susan, and I were watching our church service on YouTube and the main subject of the sermon was GRATITUDE. So, the main focus for this message today is to communicate GRATITUDE to all those who made the start of the Humber Seniors Curling Season successful.

  • To our Executive – for staying patient as they navigated COVID protocols and the changing environment from St. Goerge’s to Mississaugua
  • To Bob Hand, John Page and Joe Caruso for signing us up as members, looking after the cheques, and for creating our 2021/2022 membership list
  • To Joe Caruso – for looking after all the details to get us sorted out with QR Codes , schedules, leagues and the Humber Senior’s website
  • To Bob Hand – for looking after the name badges (Bob has received the order so see Bob, Bruce Wither or Joe Caruso if you ordered one)
  • To our Draw Committee (Hugh Goodwillie, Bruce Wither, John Rudd, & Joe Caruso) for the time and effort to put our first series together
  • To our Vice-President, Doug Martin, for taking on the responsibility of the Christmas and Spring Luncheons (also, to Bob Harris for looking after prior luncheons for so many years)
  • To Tom Erwin and Joe Caruso for coordinating our visits to Flowertown and Dixie
  • To ALL Humber Senior’s Curlers for being patient and understanding during the first two weeks at Mississaugua and for your ongoing support as we get up and running!

As we start our 2nd week of our first series, please be reminded that we are still under COVID protocols. We are also reminded that, for most of us, we have not curled in two years and we may be a little unsteady on our feet and we may feel sore in our unused muscles! So, please be careful on the ice, and if possible, wear a helmet or safe headgear. We’re not getting any younger!!!

Regarding the pace of play, it was slower than normal during our first week because we were getting used to where to stand and maintain social distancing on the ice. We are hopeful that we can speed up the pace of play so that we can all get 7 ends in before game’s end. Please be ready to get on the ice at 9:25 a.m. so we can start on time.

Lastly, please mark Tuesday, December 14th, on your calendar for our Christmas Luncheon at the Canadiana Restaurant (Six Points). Lunch is $25 (including HST and gratuities). More details to come.

Good Curling,