Hi Folks:

With the re-opening of curling on Monday, we have a number of items to share with you in this message.  Here they are:

  • If you are playing at Mississauga on Monday, January 31st, see the attached schedule – there have been some changes so please check the attached.
  • Protocols are changing from day-to-day!  It is always wise to bring your CurlOn QR code and your Ontario QR Code showing that you are fully vaxxed just in case!  Our understanding at the moment is that the protocols at Mississauga have not changed.  Masks are required in the lounge area at all times.  Humber Seniors ask you to social distance and wear your masks in the nice shed – the exceptions being those who are throwing rocks, one sweeper, and the Skip who is calling the progression of the stone.  As a reminder, sweeping will be by one to the “T” line and there is no sweeping allowed behind the “T” line. 
  • As a reminder to all, if you are sick, do not come to the rink!  We want all members to continue to be safe.  Let’s not let our guard down.
  • Our 2nd series will resume on January 31st and the 3rd series will begin on February 14th.  The draw committee will be putting teams together on February 1st. There will be Humber Senior’s curling on Friday, February 4th and Wednesday, February 23rd (previously communicated as “No Curling”).
  • The proposed “Friendly” Bonspiel with MGCC on Friday, February 18th, has been cancelled due to protocols in place.  Friday, February 18th, will now be a regular day of curling for HSCC.
  • There may be some MGCC Senior Curlers joining us on Fridays.  Please make them feel welcome in our midst.
  • Old Website – The “Old Website” is now history.  You will find all the info you need (and more than you will ever use) on the new website.  It is time for us to finally make this change.  If you have trouble with getting into the new website, reach out to Joe Caruso for help.
  • New Member – We are pleased to welcome Alex Grant-Henderson as our newest member.
  • When you see Alex, say “Hi” and make him feel warm in our midst!
  • Treasurer for 2022-2023 – John Page has been our treasurer for longer than most people can remember.  John is finally getting some help!  Hal Dickout will be taking over the treasury for the 2022-2023 and have joined our Executive Committee.  Thanks, to John and to Hal for looking after Finances.
  • A sympathy card will be circulated on February 2nd and 4th at MGCC for the family of Joe Milando.  Please take time to sign the card.

It will be GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT to get back on the ice and I’ll look forward to joining you there.Good Curling!🥌🥌🥌🥌

If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.                MARIO ANDRETTI.

Life will bring you pain all by itself.  Your responsibility is to create joy.           MILTON ERICKSON.