2021/22 Spring Champions (L-R) Lou Scaglione (Skip), Jim Jennings (Vice), Marilyn Rudd (Second), Craig Franklin (Lead), Bruce Wither (Convenor)

A tremendous effort was put forward once again by another 36 Humber Seniors curlers, joined by 4 equally wonderful Mississaugua curlers to compete for our bi-annual Knight Trophy.
Two 6 end games were played with coffee service between games.  A rolloff skills competition was also held between games to serve as a tie breaker and for additional glory to the highest team.  The rolloff format was slightly altered this year to allow each team to alternate drawing to the button with each stone being removed between each shot.  In one instance two teams were tied after game 1 in (rocks, ends and rolloff score) and so two additional skip stones were drawn to the button to determine the game 1 winner.

Three teams were tied for first place after game 1 with 26 points and the two teams with the higher rolloff were also tied in that regard.  A coin flip was called to determine the top seeded team. 
In a field of 10 teams the highest ranked team played the highest ranked loser from game 1.  2nd played 5th, 3rd played 4th, 7th played 10th & 8th played 9th place.

At the completion of play the top three winners were as follows:
3rd place – Team – Larry Wright, Sandy Gray, Gord Burrell, Earl Nixon
2nd place – Team – John Rudd, Gary Halpenny, Bill Lynes, Joe Pace
1st place – Team – Lou Scaglione, Jim Jennings, Marilyn Rudd, Craig Franklin
The high rolloff winners – Team – Joe Caruso, David Kitchen, Marc Leger, Alex Grant-Henderson
50/50 winners – Team – Michael Battaglia, Greg Waterman, Warren Baker, Dolly Murray

A superb luncheon was enjoyed by all with bar service and great attention and care by the wonderful Mississaugua Golf & CC staff.  A special thanks goes out to our dependable and hard working, ice technician Scott Muir for looking after all our needs and preparing the ice!  Thanks also to Janet Murphy and Dolores McCallum for their continued support!

Special thanks to Bruce Wither for his attention to all the details off the ice and for co-ordinating with the Mississaugua staff.  Thanks also to Bob Hand, Craig Franklin and Norm Evans for their on-going support!  To our treasurer, John Page for all his hard work, collecting all the funds and ensuring that all our bills are paid!  To our fearless leader, Duncan Macgregor for his unwavering support, guidance, great spirit and financial sponsorship of all of our events and activities.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors:  Macgregors Meat & Seafood Ltd., Toronto Muffler & Brake, Meridian Credit Union, Rocco Barber Shop, Turner & Porter Funeral Homes, Marino’s Fine Cars, Revera

It was wonderful to experience this fun event with all of you and it was especially great to have Dolly, Chiquita and Marilyn join us for this event!  Thanks also, to the MIssissaugua members (David Irwin, Glen Pollinger, Norman Evans & Robert Hazlett), who also participated and helped beef up the competition!

We hope that this event was fun for you and we look forward to many more in the future.  We continue to learn from each event and look to improving and streamlining our processes in future.  Please drop us a note, if you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer in some capacity for future events!
We could not have done this without all of you, so thank you, for your participation and support of our ongoing activities.  It was great to see so many happy curlers!

Best wishes to you all!
 Joseph Caruso