Weekly Message #25 (and the last one!)

Hi Folks:

Unfortunately, our season came to an abrupt halt with the current uprising of Covid😞.  However, I think that we can conclude that the season was a success in spite of the starts and stops👌.  We were able to get 95% of the season under our belts and have a 🥌”Friendly” with MGCC and two 🏆🏆Trophy Spiels.  All in all, a successful season!  This is my last weekly message 😥 and it is mainly designed to give THANKS to those who helped make the season such a success:

  • First and foremost, THANKS 👍to JOE CARUSO for his commitment to Humber Seniors and for looking after SOOOOOOO many details (If I list them, I will likely leave some out, so I just leave it as “SOOOOOOO many details”).
  • THANKS to our Executive Team – 👍HUGH GOODWILLIE, DOUG MARTIN, LARRY CHARBONNEAU, JOHN PAGE, BOB HAND, JOHN RUDD, JOE CARUSO, BRUCE WITHER, BEVIS BROWNE, and HAL DICKOUT for their ongoing contributions to the day-to-day details of running Humber Seniors.
  • THANKS to those who looked after the details for the “Friendly” and Trophy Spiels – 👍BRUCE WITHER, CRAIG FRANKLIN, BOB HAND, and JOE CARUSO.
  • THANKS to the the man who has looked after our money vault for SOOOOOOO long -👍JOHN PAGE. John is looking forward to giving the keys to the vault to HAL DICKOUTgoing forward.
  • THANKS to 👍DOUG MARTIN for looking after the luncheons – another stop and start venture, and for the connection with Delmanor, who were prepared to sponsor our Spring Luncheon.
  • THANKS to 👍BOB HAND and BRUCE WITHER for finding ways to raise funds to help leave our financial situation in a very good position.
  • THANKS to our gals ❤️CHIQUITA, DOLLY, MARILYN, and MARION for being “one of the guys” – we hope there will be more of the “softer” (and prettier) sex in Humber Seniors going forward.

Lastly, a HUGE THANKS to👌 ALL HUMBER SENIORS MEMEBERS for your support and cooperation throughout the season.  Your cautious approach to the Pandemic and your vigilance has allowed us to go safely throughout the season without a transmission of the virus. THANK YOU!  
As we wind down, we have no details yet of our arrangements with MGCC for the 2022-2023 season, but we have been informed that MGCC is looking forward to having us back next season🙂. 
This is my last message to you as President.  I know that you will give your full support to your new President, DOUG MARTIN, and his Team going forward. THANKS for all your support to this lowly lead!
Have a GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT summer, enjoy the golf season ⛳, and stay safe.

Happy Easter Blessings,​


​​Gratitude unlocks the fulness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity,  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.                       


1 thought on “Weekly Message #25 (and the last one!)

  1. Duncan,

    We all know that the Lead is not a lowly position but rather the most important position on the team! The lead sets everything up for all the team to follow and you lead our team most admirably throughout two very difficult years!

    Hats off to you for you leadership, sponsorship, steady hand on the rudder and for your overall concern for Humber Seniors Curlers!

    I’m sure that we will always have a new position for you in years to come!

    We are not saying goodbye but rather THANK YOU for your dedication to our group!


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